Producing Industry Leading Design & Results Since 1975

Since 1975

Dekeyser Excavating

Dekeyser covers everything from land clearing of trees with multiple attachments, mass topsoil stripping and screening in house, cut and fill, operations with precise layout GPS control, all services, water, sewer and all utilities for a complete package for sites, new or existing roads.

Dekeyser has been in operation since 1975 and is located in Colborne, ON. Today it is a rapidly growing company with multiple machines and employees, providing industry leading designs and results. Dekeyser Excavating specializes in everything from large commercial site development (water & sewer, roads and parking lots) to single machine projects. From stripping the topsoil to the finished asphalt, Dekeyser does it from start to finish.

Aggregates & Topsoil

Dekeyser offers a wide variety of sands and gravels in both large and small quantities.

We also offer large and small amounts of screened and unscreened topsoil from varying locations.

Limestone Products

Dekeyser offers a wide variety of sands and gravels in both large and small quantities.

We also offer large and small amounts of screened and unscreened topsoil from varying locations.

Products include:

  • 3" Minus
  • A Gravel
  • Gabion
  • Clear Stone
  • Screenings

Water & Sewer

Any pipe, any size, any depth.

Dekeyser can excavate through bedrock as well with our fleet of hydraulic hammers. Watermain, storm, sanitary, our excavators range from 65 ton to 14 ton.

Site work, new or existing roads, or repairs, we have you covered.

Shoreline Rehabilitation

Dekeyser Excavating is one of the few companies in the area that not only designs, but completely rehabilitates very large and elevated shorelines. Tried and tested.

They are proven to stand the test of time and take mother nature's worst. We can aquire these results by not only using large amounts of fill, but the proper fill for it. Combine that with large rocks that "lock" together and enable your shoreline to withstand the storm of the century. So call today, because the erosion will not stop unless you do something about it.

Underground Services

Large or confined area trenching and underground services is also something we pride ourselves on.

Whether it is for electrical, gas, water, sewer, deep, shallow ore even through rock. There is virtually no place that Dekeyser Excavating cannot run what you need underground.

Ditching & Roads

Dekeyser does long ditches for new or existing roads, trenching, finished floors for large commercial buildings, steep slope and pit rehabilitation.

Roads and parking lots of any scope and size are done with precision. Dekeyser uses the latest technology in laser levels to accomplish the proper grade for any situation.

Site Development

When it comes to developing commercial, industrial and residential sites, Dekeyser Excavating has got you covered.

All aspects of the ground work is taken care of by the Dekeyser team. From the stripping off the topsoil to the final preparations for concrete and asphalt.

Ponds & Basements

Dekeyser Excavating are experts when it comes to basements and ponds.

Whether the basement is in the side of a hill with a walkout, or it is to be placed between two existing homes in a confined area. Dekeyser Excavating has the knowledge, skill and equipment to get the job done right.

Environmental Services

At Dekeyser Excavating we have been involved in many contaminated soil cleanups over recent years, disposing of contaminated soil at proper clean-up facilities.

We are Ministry Of Environment licensed, not only to dig, but also to haul the soils to varying facilities.

Salem Sandlot at  418 Hunt Rd., Cramahe Township, ON is our facility that accepts non-hazardous materials. Call us for a quote.

Demolition Services

Dekeyser Excavating is proud to say that since 1975, we have never had an injury on a demolition site. We always uphold the highest standard in safety. Dekeyser demolishes varying types and sizes of building and structures. 

We always keep the publics safety first when working in densely populated urban areas. When it comes to the disposal of materials, Dekeyser always makes sure it is done in the most environmentally-friendly method.

Septic Systems

When Dekeyser Excavating works on your septic system, you will have peace of mind knowing that the job was done right.

Dekeyser are experts in this field. From the design of the septic system on paper, to ensure it fits the lot the best way possible. After that Dekeyser does the entire process from preparation of the ground, to complete pipe and tank installation.


We not only float our own heavy equipment, but also for other commercial and private people as well. If it is large commercial vehicles or other various pieces of heavy equipment, Dekeyser can move it safely. 

"Over sized" and "Over width" loads are not a problem, as well as heavy loads up to 60 tonne. We also offer flatbed services for long or heavy loads.